Winner in Open Data Day Hackathon 2017

Our BSc CSIT students – Anjana Raut, Priyanka Gyawali, Rumi Rajbhandari, Sushma Giri and Reema Prajapati participated in Open Data Day Hackathon 2017, organized by Young Innovations. Anjana, Priyanka, Rumi, and Sushma formed a group and developed an app that could track and report on the road construction activities; list ongoing projects, their budget, start date and estimated completion date; and enable the users to make a complaint against improper road construction activities.

Similarly, Reema formed another group with other participants and developed a very useful app for Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO). These were the only two teams that won the seed fund to implement the project along with huge appreciation. Looking at the achievements of our students, we feel proud of our BSc.CSIT program.