Student Facility


Library at Kathford is a well managed and fully equipped learning station for students and faculty member. Kathford has two spacious libraries, both of which have tens of thousands of books and learning resources. The libraries provide full sets of course books and reference books along with journals, magazines and newspapers, and facilitate students with hassle-free services. The libraries are well equipped with broadband Internet and wireless connections,so that the students have access to enormous learning resources from all over the world.


Kathford has two well facilitated cafeterias for students and faculty members of Kathford College that serve good and hygienic food. The cafeterias are outsourced to external parties where the college makes quality check to ensure that the food are hygienic and the kitchen and dining halls are clean and tidy.

Computer Centres

Kathford has 6 computers centres with more than 150 computers that are open for learning, programming, practicing, workshops and competitions. These centres are fully equipped with Internet connectivity and multimedia devices. The college encourages students to use computer centres for e-learning, research and practicing, so that they can gain maximum knowledge and develop their programming and research skills.

Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center

Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center in association with Digitronix Nepal has 25 number of VIVADO licenses and some other ISE license, in order to conduct FPGA based Research and Development in Nepal.