Spread Your Knowledge

Kathford College has a unique and highly effective learning practice – Spread Your Knowledge.

Spread Your Knowledge is aimed to encourage and enrich the research and self-learning practice among students which helps them to learn things faster and go beyond horizon of the curriculum. Kathford organizes a number of talk programs, knowledge sharing sessions, presentations and competitions to provide adequate platform to stimulate students’ interest and to promote Spread Your Knowledge practices. We encourage students and provide them excellent platforms to share their knowledge among their friends, seniors, juniors and teachers. At Kathford, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.

KathFOSS and RoboKath also use Spread Your Knowledge practices to research on robotics and technology and to learn new technology and trends through talk programs, trainings, workshops and knowledge sharing sessions.

Spread Your Knowledge is a sublime platform to stimulate and encourage research, creativity and self-learning practices.