Revolutionizing Hydroponics

Our students Dilip Thakur (BCT 4th year), Santosh Adhikari (BEX 3rd year), Umesh Shrestha (BCT 4th year), Sanjaya Shrestha (BCT 4th year) and Samel Shrestha (BCT 4th year) are conducting their research on digital hydroponics where plants can grow in mineralized water even in absence of soil and sunlight, and their growth can be controlled digitally.

Hydroponic gardening is an innovative way for agricultural production that needs no soil. A controlled environment created for hydroponic gardening can be constructed anywhere. Digital hydroponics is a web application that will maintain and control a virtual environment within a closed system to grow plants, and monitor and control the growth factors like nutrients, water etc. for better and faster growth of the plants.

Digital hydroponics is a highly demanding system that requires a greater amount of production knowledge, experience, technical skill, and initial financial investment as compared to many other greenhouse systems. Our students are conducting rigorous research in this breakthrough idea, and are on the verge of revolutionizing the agriculture system. Kathford is providing an excellent environment for the team to successfully complete their research and lead to this amazing achievement. We wish the team all the best!