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Annual Sports Week CSIT | Kathford

Kathford International College Annual Sport Week for CSIT took place from the 12th to 18th March 2018 and throughout the week students were given the opportunity to take part in…

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CAREER OPPORTUNITY Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is a highly-ranked college dedicated to inspiring teaching, excellent student experience, and strong employability. Established in 2003 and located at the…

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Sports Week BBA -2018

 “Pain is temporary but victory is forever.”  Despite academic excellence, in student life, sports are also equally important as it helps to improve both physical and mental strength. Sports week…

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BBA welcome program 2074

Sunday 7th Magh 2074 BBA 3rd semester students of Kathford International College filled at 1999 A.D. Banquet to deliver well managed welcome program to fresher juniors. One of the marvelous…

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Code to Solve – Unemployment

Unemployment – A serious problem which leads to skilled and semiskilled manpower migrate to sell their ability to the developed country. When you start to think, it is hard to…

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