KathFOSS is Free and Open-Source Software community of Kathford that indulges and engages students into open source software research and development. KathFOSS was established in 2010 by the Computer Engineering students of Kathford International College. The primary objective of this community is to promote, develop and diversify the usages of Free/Open Source software for self motivated and enthusiastic students by organizing various workshops/Programs, seminar, competitions on related topics.

Activities of KathFOSS

The students at Kathford are introduced to KathFOSS during their first year in KathFOSS Orientation Program and are provided with 2 days basic software development training in their first semester. KathFOSS organizes ‘KathFOSS Talk’ series that includes a number of seminars and guest lectures from experts for stimulating students’ interests and enhancing their software development skills from the very beginning of their engineering studies.
Supported and facilitated by the faculty members, KathFOSS team follows ‘Spread Your Knowledge’ model and the students train other students in the field of programming after rigorous research and learning. Normally, the seniors train the juniors with the faculty members in continuous support and facilitation.

Training and Workshops

Beside the orientation and initial learning sessions, following training and workshops are conducted around the year by KathFOSS in the premises of Kathford International College for all-round development of students in the field of programming and software development.

  • KathFOSS Talk series
  • Linux Talk series
  • GitHub Workshop
  • Wireless Hacking Workshop
  • Workshop on Cyber Security
  • PHP Development Training
  • Android Development Training

Events and Activities

KathFOSS conducts two major events every year.

  • Evolve
    Evolve is a software development competition with open theme where the participants solve a problem using their programming skills. The aim of Evolve is to stimulate the creativity of the tech students and generate ideas for future.
  • Code to Solve
    Code of Solve is a theme based software development competition where the participants develop software in given theme and are required to implement it. This normally emphasizes on social problems that can be solved by developing specific software.

Competitions and Participations

KathFOSS team has participated and won in a number of national software competition. Here is the list of competitions where KathFOSS team has participated and/or won.

  • HEx 2017, Software Competition organized by Himalaya College of Engineering. Developed and presented FoodZapp. Winner of Software Competition.
  • HEx 2017, Software Competition organized by Himalaya College of Engineering. Developed and presented Automatic Number Plate Detection System. First Runner-up of Software Competition.
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, 2016. Demonstrated Digital Hydroponics System. Participated.
  • Thought For Food, 2016. Demonstrated Digital Hydroponics System. Participated.
  • Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire, 2016. Demonstrated Digital Hydroponics System. Won Mentorship and Sponsorship.
  • First NCell App Camp, 2013. Developed and Presented E-cattle. Participated.
  • Butwal CAN. Presented Pollution Alert System and Smart House Home Automation System.


Notable Developments

  • Digital Hydroponics System
    Digital hydroponic system is the revolutionary research being conducted by Kathford students where the study on growing plants in mineralized water (instead of soil) is being conducted. The digital hydroponic system does not only grow plants in mineralized water but also controls, operates and records nutrients intake by plants. Dileep Thakur and Santosh Adhikari, researchers and developers of digital hydroponics system are proving that the plants grow faster and healthier in mineralized water. Read detail story here.