Evolve ( ) 4.0 Third Phase Finished

KATHFOSS of Kathford completed a code camp – “Evolve ( ) 4.0” 3rd Phase on 25th May Saturday with a slogan “Code Your Idea” at Kathford Int’l College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari Lalitpur. Evolve ( ) 4.0 is the fourth series of Evolve ( ) organized by KATHFOSS (Kathford FOSS Community) each year with the support of ROBOKATH (Kathford Robotics Club). This Program aims to promote the ideas of the students and help them code their ideas and convert it into reality. Evolve () 4.0 keeping in mind adaptation of change also use the technologies and methodologies on their projects.

“Evolve( ) 4.0” features different projects with named, Aadharbhoot Pasal, Robotic Arm, Action Game, JCB Robo, College management App, Store Management and so on, 13 teams are participated from KATHFOSS and RoboKATH.

This code camp will be very helpful for each and every individual to improve his/her personal skills to enhance practical knowledge and help him/her in different stages of career development.

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