Code to Solve – Unemployment

Unemployment – A serious problem which leads to skilled and semiskilled manpower migrate to sell their ability to the developed country. When you start to think, it is hard to develop an idea that can solve it. However, students of Kathford International College brought up some creative and unique ideas that really grabbed some attention from everyone.

Code to Solve

With the grand success of Evolve, members of Kathford FOSS Community thought of coming up with another competition to keep the students busy. “Code to Solve”, a theme based coding competition which is organized every odd semester, really brought some innovative ideas this year. Unlike other theme based coding competitions, Code to Solve had a twist to it.The participants not only had to deliver a working prototype, they also had to plan for a viable and feasible product. Basically, its problem solving combined with an entrepreneurial vision which can bring jobs to everyone, everywhere.

For this year’s Solve, a total of 10 teams had been registered out of which 6 were selected by Department of Computer and Electronics & Communication Engineering. All the 6 teams selected have come up with ideas to develop the concept: the fields varying from medicines, education, food, entertainment, handicrafts to promote in markets that somehow helps to reduce unemployment rate and can provide platform to become Entrepreneur.

Participants Activities During program

Introducing the participant’s Team with the project they develop for the code here:

  1. Avids
Team Avids (Saman Ratna Buddhacharya, Rachita Maharjan and Sushreena Shakya)

The team “Avids” formed by three students of Second year. The team members of Avids are: Saman Ratna Buddhacharya, Rachita Maharjan and Sushreena Shakya.

Avids proposed for a handicraft website where any individual, registered or unregistered company can set forth their products to market. This website play a role as “medium” of skilled manpower, investor and customer, it helps to link artisan to handicraft market without having to invest much for mass production as well as for those who willing to invest in handicrafts and looking for artist who can develop creative handicrafts.

This website mostly targets the craftsmen, who cannot invest to convert their skill as a business, can get lender and outlet to sell their product at one spot.

  1. Kathdevs
Team Kathdevs (Aayesha Shrestha, Sujata Giri)

The “Kathdevs” gather with the Aayesha Shrestha, Sujata Giri and Bibek Khadka studying in third year.

The team planned to develop an android App named “Gharko Khana” where people can get quality homemade food when they are away from home. People can check out feasible(nearby) location for the homes who posted the food as they like. People can walk to the particular location to get food or choose delivery option if provided by the households.

Basically, “Gharko Khana” could be the media between the House chef and the individual who want homemade food. It can provide cost benefits for both parties, the food provider can earn money even housewives and people who are free can earn some bucks and individual who will go to eat food, have to pay very less amount than a restaurant.

  1. Techno Monks
Team Techno Monks (Younesh Kc, Suyen Shrestha and Bijay Jaisi)

The third year students Younesh Kc, Suyen Shrestha, bijay Jaisi and Pratik Raj Mishra united with the name “Techno Monks”.

Techno Monks aims to develop an online app for quick job portal, beneficial for part time job seekers as well as part time job providers for short period of gap, in case if a employee has to take a leave or an individual is out of town for few days they can always go for backup employee. All the registered members can get the notification after the post of vacancy and the best candidate among the applicant can be filled with the particular job.

It can be a very good platform for youths who are skilled but unemployed and they are willing to do jobs that match their skills but due to lack of information and communication with job providers they compelled to remain jobless. So this app tends to solve unemployment by maintaining the communication gap between job providers and seekers.

  1. YASS Quadrapole
Team YASS Quadrapole (Yunip Lal Shrestha, Amrit Devkota, Shristi Dongol and Shraddha Bhuju)

The “YASS Quadrapole” formed with the first letter from each participants name, YASS refers to Yunip Lal Shrestha, Amrit Devkota, Shristi Dongol and Shraddha Bhuju who are from the first year.

YASS Quadrapole designed website and app which helps students or parents to who needs home tutors. Interested people who want to become a tutor can make a profile which includes the subject, topics and grades along with a short video. Then students or parent can find tutors accordingly. Teachers can be evaluated using ratings given as feedback.

In Nepal, finding a good tutor can be a hassle and available good teacher charge huge amount. We can help individuals develop their teaching habits as well as start change by educating people.

  1. The Invictus Code
Team The Invictus Code (Dharatee Shree Shrestha, Bibek Subedi, Dilliram Adhikari and Rashik Raj Shrestha)

From second year, Dharatee Shree Shrestha, Bibek Subedi, Dilliram Adhikari and Rashik Raj Shrestha develop their team to code as “The Invictus Code”

The Invictus Code focuses in the field of entertainment, “music” to be particular, and are going to work on a website where various singers can upload the video of cover songs so that people can hire the one and even the owners of restaurants and bars can select to perform. It’s more like a hub, where a good singers and who looking for singers for live music meet.

There are hundreds of people who can sing very well and want to take singing from a hobby to a side job. This is going to cover a large group: whoever has a talent and wants to take it to a next level; from students to the household women and all the other people. All they got to have is talent and the urge to show what they got.

  1. Sunil’s Team
Sunil’s Team

The “Sunil’s Team” is from first year with the initiation of Sunil Wagle and supported by other team member respectively Samip Aryal, Shisir Dakhal and Pratik Karki.

Sunil’s Team presents a website to promote local herbs to wide market so that every individual from different territory can grow and cultivate herbs that suits their land and the environment.

People don’t know the value of herbs in remote areas as well as in mountain region. There are thousands of herbs available in Nepal but still people are unknown about the value of it. So, they try to promote herbs and its favorable location and climate to grow, and the possible market for converting herbs into currency.