7 Reasons Why You Should Study BSc.CSIT at Kathford

There are so many colleges that offer BSc.CSIT programs in Nepal which make it quite difficult for students to select the best college to pursue the highly decorated BSc.CSIT program and kickstart their journey in IT career. Selecting the right college is very important as it has a lasting impact on… Read More

Seminar and Networking Event organized for students aspiring for Computing and IT career

Kathford has organized a seminar and networking event on Asoj 3, 2075 for students aspiring for computing and IT which was participated by many students and parents. The event was organized by Faculty of Science and Technology. The major aim of the event was to provide essential knowledge to the… Read More

Watch Kathford Video for BSc.CSIT and BCA programs

Kathford offers much more than BCA. It offers BCA+ to students that includes all curriculum of BCA affiliated to Tribhuvan University along with Professional Skills Through Integrated Industry Oriented Specializations like E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and Mobile Computing. Kathford is one of the best BSc.CSIT colleges in Nepal affiliated… Read More

Seminar and Networking Event: Career Prospects in IT and Computer Application

Seminar and Networking Event: Career Prospects in IT and Computer Application [A Must Attend Event for students seeking to study BCA and BSc.CSIT] Kathford International College of Engineering and Management brings a must attend event for all students seeking to study BCA and BSc.CSIT and looking forward to a prospering career… Read More

Colleges are no more a place only for lectures – Expect these exciting things beyond lectures at Kathford

Lectures remain by far the most common form of teaching in universities, but many predicted that it would be obsolete by now. Students no more like being in a classroom and being taught by someone for a long duration of time. They like more freedom, more interaction, more technological intervention, and… Read More