Equipping our students with technical knowledge of management disciplines combined with practical managerial skills and experience

BBA at Kathford is a four years course that is designed to enrich you with essential management skills making you an all-round professional who can deal with all situations in the corporate world. Here, you will learn how business can be a force for good in the world—and how you can use it to create positive change. You’ll develop critical thinking and core business skills from expert business minds. At Kathford, you’ll explore our unique vision for leadership and have opportunities for hands-on learning. When you graduate from Kathford, you’ll be more than ready to create your own future.

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Why BBA?

With the increasing economic activities in Nepal, need for candidates with adequate managerial and business knowledge has gone up. Organisations require candidates with sound business knowledge who can facilitate between the operations team and senior management. These candidates would later be groomed into senior management roles. BBA is the degree that makes you fit the bill. BBA curriculum provides you with adequate knowledge to become future leader, and at Kathford we develop required skills and provide necessary exposure and experience to become a great one.

BBA at Kathford focuses on overall development of students in the field of management, incorporating courses of Marketing, Finance, Accounts, Economics, Human Resources, Operation Management, IT, and Research Methodology. We ensure that you have a rewarding experience to gain competitive edge and broaden your horizons to improve your career prospects.

Career Prospects

Management jobs are the most available jobs in the world with every industry seeking for people with excellent managerial capability. With a BBA degree, you will have easy access to lots of jobs in banks and financial institutions, manufacturing industries, service industries, marketing firms, healthcare institutions, academic institutions, government organizations and wherever management graduates are required.

Kathford BBA graduates, who are among the oldest BBA graduates of TU affiliated colleges, have reached pinnacle of their career at many places. Today, Kathford BBA graduates work in a number of banks, industries, service sectors, agencies, hospitals, universities and government offices. Many have also opted for higher studies abroad, and are now working with many well-known names in corporate sector. At Kathford, your future is secured with lots of learning and career opportunities.

Our Students' Achievements

Winner in Software Competition in HEx 2017

Roshan Kumar Dhobi, Manzeal Shakya, Aasis Shakya and Rohini Dangol, our Computer Engineering students have won ‘Software Competition’ in Himalaya Exhibition (HEx - 2017) in July 14-16, 2017 with their product “Zapp Food”.

2nd Runner Up in NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2017

Asmita Tandukar, Rumi Rajbhandari and Sushma Giri – our 4th year BSc.CSIT students won Second Runner-up position at ‘NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2017’ with their app ‘Food Cycle’.

Revolutionizing Hydroponics

Our engineering students Dilip, Santosh, Umesh, Sanjaya and Samel are conducting research on ‘Digital Hydroponics’ where plants can grow in mineralized water even in absence of soil and sunlight, and their growth can be controlled digitally by monitoring the growth factors like nutrients, pH level of water etc.

1st Runner Up in Luniva Code Jatra 2017

Our BSc.CSIT students – Anjana Raut, Priyanka Gyawali, Rumi Rajbhandari and Sushma Giri, have won First Runner-up prize in ‘Luniva Code Jatra’ at HEx 2017 with their app - ‘Ecomarket’.

1st Runner Up in Software Competition in HEx 2017

Our students have won 1st Runner-up award in Software Competition in Himalaya Exhibition (HEx - 2017) with their product ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’. The team was only second to another team of Kathford Int’l College.

Winner in Open Data Day Hackathon 2017

Our BSc CSIT students – Anjana Raut, Priyanka Gyawali, Rumi Rajbhandari, Sushma Giri and Reema Prajapati have won ‘Open Data Day Hackathon 2017’ with their apps for PPMO and obtained seed fund as well.

Winner at Automatic Akhada in TechBihani 3.0

Our first year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering won ‘Automatic Akhada Competition’ in Tech Bihani 3.0. They made an automatic robot pushed other robots beyond the boundary line to win the competition.

2nd Runner Up at Manual Akhada in Yantra 4.0

Our students BE Electronics and Communication students have secured Second Runner-up position in ‘Manual Akhada’ at Yantra 4.0 organized by Robotics Association of Nepal. They made a robot that was manually controlled to push other robots beyond the boundary line.


What are the minimum requirements for admission?

You will need to pass your +2 or PCL level and also pass CMAT Test conducted by Tribhuvan University.

What are the scholarship criteria?

If you have studied SLC from a government school, you can apply for Government Education Scholarship. We also provide scholarship for every semester topper student. Please check our Scholarship page for more details.

What are the documents that I need to submit for admission?

You will need to fill and submit our application form and attach following documents along with.
- CMAT Result Certificate
- CMAT Test Admit Card
- A copy of your citizenship certificate
- Two passport size photo
- A copy of your SLC marksheet and +2 transcript
- A copy of your character certificate from your school and +2 college
- A copy of your provisional certificate from HSEB/NEB
- A copy of your migration certificate from HSEB/NEB

When can I fill the application form?

We accept application forms from the next day of CMAT Test Results.

How do I obtain and fill the application form?

Application form is available in our website. You can fill the form and submit online. You can also fill the form available at our college. However, you will need to submit your documents at our college admission desk.