Bachelor of Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering


Empowering our students to design complex electronics, communication and information systems to make people’s life easier

Our Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering degree is a carefully designed course that enables you to develop problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge in telecommunication, digitization, signal processing and information technology. This programme offers our students a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience that prepares them for the competitive world of electronics, communication and Information engineering. This four-year course provides opportunities to learn exciting courses like microprocessors, signal analysis, embedded systems, telecommunication systems, digital signal processing, wireless communications, web, mobile apps and other well-constructed and enriching modules, as well as undertake an individual or group project which allows you to use and further develop the skills acquired throughout your degree.

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Why Electronics & Information Engineering?

Electronics Engineers bring revolutions. If Computer Engineers are the brain, Electronics Engineers are the soul for any and every innovation that has ever occurred in technology. From microprocessors and microcontrollers to rocket engineering and other advanced technologies, Electronics Engineers have the highest say. Electronics Engineers are the reasons behind the possibility of automation in every field, and robotics is just a small part of it. For the ones who dream to create magic and bring imagination to life, Electronics Engineering is the one to go for. With Information Technology appended to it, Electronics and and Information Engineering makes one of the most fascinating courses worldwide.

We keep Electronics and Information Engineering at the top-most priority at Kathford and encourage our students to come up with new ideas and innovations, because we understand that in today’s digital era, it’s Electronics and Information Engineers who will shape our future. Thus, we have flourished ROBOKATH, a robotics development body, where our students are not only involved in research but have also created wonders in robotics in national level.

Career Prospects

With the rapid expansion of the technology sector over the last few decades, the demand for those who can create, understand and alter electronic control systems has risen tremendously. Our graduates have been a part of national and global revolution in electronics, telecommunication and information technology, with many of them occupying key positions in the telecom industry in Nepal. Robotics is another sector where Kathford students have made their mark as Robotics Association of Nepal was initiated and established by Kathford graduates.

With Electronics and Information Engineering degree, you can easily get jobs in different telecommunication industries and technology-based industries. Besides, Electronics Engineers are highly sought after by many other sectors like hydropower, transport, construction, security, digital system, electronics goods manufacturers etc. Many Electronics and Information Engineers graduated from Kathford have been accepted by top universities around the world, and are contributing in a number of top companies in the world.

Our Students' Achievements

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Winner - Manual Akhada, CAN Infotech 2018

Our students Amrit Devkota, Shraddha Bhuju, Abiral Bhandari, Yunip Lal Shrestha from 2074 BCT/BEX Batch won Manual Akhada competition at CAN InfoTech 2018. Kathford has the record of winning many manual and automated robotics competition in past as well.

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AIM2Flourish - A collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, USA

Kathford has collaborated with Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA to initiate AIM2Flourish. It is a UN Global Compact-supported global learning initiative where our students discover and celebrate untold stories about business innovations in our local community.

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1st Runner-up - Paper Bridge Competition, HEx 2018

Our Civil Engineering students Hriship Bhatta, Amrit Kunwar, Bikram Sah, Laxman Shahi from BCE 073 Batch won 1st Runner-up position in the Paper Bridge Competition at HEx 2018. It is not only our students’ success but also a legacy of success for KathCESS and whole Kathford family.

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Selected for WLiT Fellowship, 2017

Ruxana and Ayushma have developed an innovative app called ‘Do It Yesari’ which got selected for the coveted WLiT Fellowship, 2017. Their app is an e-commerce platform for DIY artists to showcase and sell their products. Ruxana and Ayushma are one of the best outcomes of Kathford’s inspiring, encouraging and supportive learning environment.

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1st Runner-up, Srijana - The Innovation Software Exhibition 2018

Our BCT 2072 batch students Bibek Koirala and Ayesha Shrestha won 1st Runner-up award at ‘Srijana - The Innovation Software Exhibition 2018’ with a software on supply chain using blockchain technology that transfers resources and tracks every transaction securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the minimum requirements for admission?

You will need to pass your +2 or PCL level in Science and also pass IOE Entrance Examination conducted by Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus.

Will I get scholarship if I have excellent score in IOE Entrance Exam but not so good in my +2?

We provide scholarships to 10% of the students with highest grades in IOE Entrance Exam enrolled in our college. If you are among them, you will receive the scholarship. Please check our Scholarship page for more details.

What are the documents that I need to submit for admission?

You will need to fill and submit our application form and attach following documents along with.
- IOE Entrance Exam Pass Certificate
- IOE Entrance Exam Admit Card
- A copy of your citizenship certificate
- Two passport size photo
- A copy of your SLC marksheet and +2 transcript
- A copy of your character certificate from your school and +2 college
- A copy of your provisional certificate from HSEB/NEB
- A copy of your migration certificate from HSEB/NEB

When can I fill the application form?

We accept application forms from the next day of IOE Entrance Examination Results.

How do I obtain and fill the application form?

Application form is available in our website. You can fill the form and submit online. You can also fill the form available at our college. However, you will need to submit your documents at our college admission desk.