Annual Sports Week CSIT | Kathford

Kathford International College Annual Sport Week for CSIT took place from the 12th to 18th March 2018 and throughout the week students were given the opportunity to take part in Sports which they don’t usually get to. Throughout the week, tournaments of indoor and outdoor games has been organized and run by the Students of 5th SEM of CSIT where students take part from all SEM.

The Sports week aims to provide loads of refreshment, the sport is also a necessary part as Academics for the students, it helps to refresh them physically as well as mentally. The games were very competitive and along the way some very surprising results were achieved. The indoor games include Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton and Outdoor games include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tug of War, Futsal and Relay.

The Sports week officially inaugurated by Er. Suwas Karki, HOD – Department of Computer Science and IT and Mr. Keshav K. Dahal, Head of Operation. HOD hit the 1 goal to against Head of Operation during opening of the Sports week.

After the opening ceremony Football match begins between 3rd SEM vs. 5th SEM as first game where 3rd SEM won by 1-0 goal difference and Ashish Khadka was man of the match. Again second game starts with 7th SEM vs. 1st SEM and 7th SEM beat juniors by 3-1, Sanjay KC declared as Man of the Match

On second day, 7th SEM was ready to final SEM at football ground and succeed to beat Final SEM by 2-1 goal difference and man of the Match was Suva Ratna Maharjan. 5th SEM vs. 1st SEM football begins as fourth game where 1st SEM won with huge goal difference of 1-6 and the man of the match was Hem Kumar Rai. The Girls Basketball begins between 3rd SEM vs. 8th SEM and 1st SEM vs. 5th SEM, where 3rd SEM and 5th SEM won by walkover. Again Girls Basketball final starts 3rd SEM vs. 5th SEM the game ends with score 2-8, 5th SEM won the Girls Basketball Final and the Top Scorer was Neha Khadka.

The Third Day, Football begins 1st SEM vs. Final SEM, 1st SEM charged 8 goals against 1 to Final SEM and man of the match was Deepak Khadka. Next game of football was 7th SEM vs. 3rd SEM, the winner was 3rd SEM and Krijan Prajapati was man of the match.

Futsal first game starts 5th SEM vs. 1st SEM, 5th SEM won by 1-0. Second game of futsal 8th SEM vs. 3rd SEM, 3rd SEM won by Penalty. And third game of Futsal between 3rd SEM vs. 5th SEM, 5th SEM won by 0-2. 5th SEM took the first position and 3rd SEM was on Second. Pratikshya Shakya declared Top scorer as well as Best Player.

Tug of War Final of Boys 1st SEM vs. Final SEM, Final SEM won and Tug of War Final of Girls 5th SEM vs. 3rd SEM, 5th SEM was winner

Fourth Day, Football 5th SEM vs. Final SEM, 5th SEM won the game by 8-6 and man of the match Subodh Achhami. Next game 1st SEM vs. 3rd SEM score 3-3 but 3rd SEM won by tie breaker man of the match Ashish Khadka. Relay 400m Girls result First – 3rd SEM, Second – 5th SEM & Third – 1st SEM and Relay 400m Boys result First – 3rd SEM, Second – 5th SEM & Third – 7th SEM.

Boys Basketball Begins 7th SEM vs. 1st SEM, 7th SEM won by 24-4 and 8th SEM vs. 3rd SEM, 8th SEM won by 36-12.

On Fifth day, there was two football match only first game was 5th SEM vs. 7th SEM and 5th SEM beaten by 0-2 with 7th SEM and man of the match: Shayar Shrestha. Second game starts between 8th SEM vs. 3rd SEM, the score was 1-3, 3rd SEM won the match and Rabin Limbu declared as Man of the Match.

Still all Boys Basketball Final and indoor games was remained for the last date of Sports Week. Where 8th SEM leads to Victory of Boys Basketball Final and 7th SEM followed on second place, the top scorer was Manish KC.

Sushant Karki from 5th SEM grab the first position In Boys Chess, Sagun Shrestha from Final SEM followed on Second position and Deepak khadka from 1st SEM becomes third. And from Girls Chess Sewika Sapkota 5Th SEM becomes first, Sandhya Gaura, Final SEM at second position and Sanjeeta KC 5th SEM at the Third position.

At last day of Sports Week Medals and Certificate Awarded by guests of honor, coordinator and respective teachers to Winners and Runner-ups.

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