Girls Can Fly Too – Our Journey in Tech

Six girls from Kathford International College started their journey in Tech on May 2016 by applying for a bootcamp organized by WLiT. They are now the face of Kathford in many tech competitions.

Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT)

WLiT is a technical and professional leadership development organization for young women in Nepal with a vision to empower women to become tech innovators. WLiT offers a year-long fellowship for passionate female tech students in university. The fellowship starts with a two week boot camp and follows into a year-long fellowship program. We decided to apply for it. After the selection through the initial applications stage, we were invited for interviews. Out of 46 interview applicants, we were selected and joined other brilliant and passionate girls for the WLiT Fellowship program 2016.The first two weeks, we learnt android programming and leadership skills and were encouraged to implement the skills we achieved. This is how we took off our flight to the tech world.

Projects in WLiT

By the end of our fellowship we were able to place the mobile applications we created in Playstore.
Two of us – Anjana and Sushma developed an app named Kapas. Kapas is a destination for fashion lovers and designers alike to capture and share unique designs. For your “I have nothing to wear” situations, Kapas helps you discover what you love, express your own style and stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Priyanka along with her team members from WLiT created an app named PetNet. PetNet is an online community for compassionate people who love dogs. It helps you make intelligent decisions to keep your dog healthy and happy. You can also find mapped information about dog centers that can help rehabilitate a stray dog in poor conditions.
Reema along with her team members created an app named Paani Ayo which is a smart way to keep up with the schedule of your municipal tap water supply. You can find which group you belong to and set an alarm.
Rumi along with the team created an app named ATM Nepal which helps users locate ATMs and remotely find out its working condition. The service condition update is user generated and helps you avoid machines that are ‘out of service’ at the time. It also features list of all of your bank’s ATMs and their locations on google

Open Data Hackathon

On March 4, Open Data Day Hackathon 2017 was organized by Young Innovations (YIPL) in Moods Lounge, Tripureshwor. The event provided an avenue for all to understand, explore and discuss about open data and its benefits in the sector of public procurement and health service. Four of us (Anjana, Priyanka, Rumi and Sushma) formed our team from Kathford and named it ‘Team Tracker’. We developed an app which would track and report on the road construction activities, list ongoing projects, their budget, start date and estimated completion date. It also had public forum and place to make complaints against improper road construction activities. Reema, on the other hand, participated the hackathon with participants from other colleges.

Young Innovation didn’t limit our work to hackathon but also provided us an opportunity to showcase our apps in front of all the senior official of Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) which helped us to gain more knowledge about public procurement. A month after the hackathon, Mr. Karolis Granickas, Senior Program Manager, Open Contracting Partnership, called a meeting and encouraged us to implement our project. We were also provided with seed fund to implement the project.

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

Our other team, Rumi and Sushma along with Asmita and Irina participated in NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017. Space Apps is an international hackathon that happens on the same day in 69 different countries. We created an android app named Food Cycle that aims to utilize the remaining food of restaurants, hotels and parties by tracking and providing the food to the needy ones. It also allowed the restaurants and hotels to provide their food wastes to compost makers for preparing compost fertilizer. Out of 20 teams, we won the Second Runner-up award in the NASA Space App Challenge 2017.

Luniva Code Competition, Hex 2017

Himalayan Exhibition 2017 organized Luniva Code Jatra which was a coding competition where participants were to imply their ideas into applications. The ideas were related to any one of these themes: Agriculture, Tourism development or Transportation. We, Anjana, Priyanka, Rumi and Sushma, were encouraged to participate in this competition representing Kathford International College. In the one-day hackathon, we created a mobile app EcoMarket, choosing the theme Agriculture. EcoMarket is a mobile application that motivates local farmers to sell their vegetables to buyers directly. Also restaurants/hotels can buy vegetables and fruits in bulk easily using this app. Similarly, farmers can get fair price for their product by escaping the costly middlemen. Out of 10 teams participating in the hackathon, we managed to win Second Position and cash prize. We also plan to develop this app EcoMarket into a startup venture.

We believe in breaking the barriers and do what we do the best. Our idea is not just doing one camp and walking away but we are figuring out how to make this process a continuing journey. Our aim is not only to become successful techpreneurs but also to inspire more girls to take up IT and start their own journey to tech-world.


Anjana Raut, Asmita Tandukar, Priyanka Gyawali, Reema Prajapati, Rumi Rajbhandari and Sushma Giri are BSc CSIT students studying in 7th semester at Kathford International College of Engineering and Management. They are involved in tech based competitions as a part of Kathford team and have represented our college in a number of tech events.