1st Runner Up in Luniva Code Jatra 2017

Our BSc.CSIT students from 7th semester – Anjana Raut, Priyanka Gyawali, Rumi Rajbhandari and Sushma Giri, had competed and won First Runner-up prize in Luniva Code Jatra at HEx 2017 organized by Himalaya Engineering College on July 14-16, 2017. In the competition, our team developed a mobile app named – ‘Ecomarket’ from Agriculture theme. EcoMarket is a mobile application that helps local farmers to sell their vegetables to buyers directly.

The team developed this concept from their observation that the farmers are obtaining an unfair price for their vegetables and fruits. With this app, they wanted to create a fair market for farmers and also help the customers to get the veggies at a low price. It is a win-win situation where farmers can sell their products at a higher price and the customers can buy them at a lower price, by removing the middlemen who pocketed huge commission in between.